Pix’s Ultima Patcher

Produced by: Pix
Website: Pix’s Origin Adventures

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With the release of Ultimas 1-3 and Ultima 4 on Good Old Games, Ultima Aiera published an article containinginformation about patching and updating those Ultimatitles that have been re-released for sale thus far. Ultima fan Pix (whose repositories of scans of Ultimadocumentation are really worth checking out, by the way) took it upon himself to collect all of the various patches and updates discussed in that article into a single, easier-to-use application.

The utility should now cover all Ultima titles available on GOG, including the Underworld games and theUltima 7 box set.

Pix cautions that while the Patcher should work on clean installations from Good Old Games, installations that have been modified in any way already could cause strange results. It includes DPMI and other necessary files as well, so that the graphical upgrade patches for each game work properly.

Presumably, this utility will continue to be expanded to cover additional Ultima titles should they be released on Good Old Games.

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