Martian Dreams Hack

Produced by: F-15 Dragon

[wpdm_file id=187]

This little utility enables the player to activate the cheat utility in Martian Dreams. It can also remove the copy protection from the game, and initially I was hesitant to post a copy to Aiera on that basis…until I realized that had a downloadable copy available as well.

One cautionary note: the hack will only enable cheats in a brand new game. The file it edits is part of the savegame, and the changes made by the hack cause it to fail a checksum. If you want to enable cheats in an ongoing game, open up the OBJLIST file in a hex editor and change the byte at 18F2 from 00 to 40.

Paulon Dragon informs us that this hack will also work with Savage Empire, and he provides details on how to do this on his website, The Other Codex.

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