Produced by: Jim Ursetto
Website: pu6e @ 3e8.org

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PU6E, which is pronounced “puce”, probably stands for Python Ultima 6 Editor, since that is the language it was written in. It uses OpenGL and wxWindows on top of that, and is an editing environment for Ultima 6: The False Prophet.

Using PU6E, one can create, modify, and delete objects in Ultima 6, manipulate containers (via a tree view), edit terrain and map chunks, view all map and object tiles, view tile and palette animation, view and move NPCs, view book contents, save map/object/NPC data, and (most importantly) play new worlds of your creation. In other words, it is primarily a world editor; it cannot be used to edit the game’s plot, book texts, or character dialogues.

That said, the editor works with all the members of what the producer calls “the Ultima 6 family”: Ultima 6, Martian Dreams, and Savage Empire.

An older version of the editor, called U6Edit, is also available; it was built with Perl and GTK.

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