The Savage Empire SNES Translation Project

Produced by: slashgravatar, Dungy, Mrs. Dungy
Website: Slashie’s Blog @

The Super Famicom port of Savage Empire, released in Japan in 1995, is regarded by many as the best version of the first Worlds of Ultima game, in no small part because it made use of the same engine as the Ultima 7 port for the Super Famicom.

The main drawback to this port of the game is that it is only available in Japanese; a planned English version was cancelled for some reason. Thus, slashgravatar has teamed up with our own Dungy (and his lovely wife) to translate the game into English.

This will not be an easy undertaking, as it involves modifying Famicom ROMs. Still, it promises to be a worthwhile effort!

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